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Our platform, Find Your Support (FYS), is designed to make accessing care more efficient for individuals and their loved ones. It's a proactive solution meant to reshape the care landscape as the demand for social care increases rapidly and local authorities struggle to keep up with growing waiting lists for assessments and support services. Our innovative service is a beacon of hope, bringing efficiency to address the growing social care crisis.

Our Mission

Kashyap Consultancy Services Ltd aims to simplify connecting individuals with necessary care and support. By intervening proactively, we strive to provide prompt solutions for identified needs under the Care Act 2014. As a result, the system's flow is enhanced, and individuals can receive care in the comfort of their homes. This reduces the burden on the public purse and frees up hospital beds for those in acute medical need.

Our Vision

www.Findyoursupport.com is a web portal conceived in 2013 by a dedicated social worker who has led Adult Social Care (ASC) operations across various local authorities in England for over a decade. This portal is the result of two decades of frontline social work experience, and its goal is to offer a lifeline to those on waiting lists for social work assessments, support planning, annual reviews, and occupational therapy assessments. It addresses the critical challenges of the care industry through a user-friendly and accessible platform.

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